6 Progressive Web App Examples To Inspire You with Pictures

April 29, 2021

Meet Smashing Workshops on front-end & UX, with practical takeaways, live sessions, video recordings and a friendly Q&A. Google has introduced an open-source performance management tool called Lighthouse that can run as a Chrome extension or as a Node module. You can audit your web app or any web page with Lighthouse and get an extended report of the page. Moreover, you can get a reference doc for each audit item describing why the audit is important and how to fix the failing audits.

progressive web apps examples

In their official update, the company announced that the app has reduced loading time by 25% and decreased access to other online sources by users. In this context it means that the apps are built with progressive enhancement. This is a design technique focused on building a “baseline” experience that works for everyone but that upgrades and enhances on more advanced devices.

Top-notch Customer Service Without a Hitch

An impressive outcome of this PWA is that the app is 99.84% smaller than the existing iOS app. This app size reduction makes it easier for many clients to access it. As a result of these changes, Starbucks doubled its daily orders from web users.

The company is also engaged in related types of business - books, cinematography, and music. There is even a particular division, Starbucks Entertainment, which develops the entertainment direction of the company. Starbucks is probably the most famous chain of coffee shops in the world. The company was founded in 1971 and began its journey as a chain of coffee shops.

It can increase conversions

The PWA works on a weak internet connection and engages users with push notifications. Starbucks launched its PWA in 2017 to provide fast, responsive customer performance. They built an app-like solution with images, smooth animations, and offline access. And now, clients can browse the menu and nutrition information and customize their orders – all of that with no Internet connection.

You can further optimize the loading speed by having the PWA use cache-first networking, prioritizing resources, and use adaptive loading based on network quality. When building your PWA, you can also develop a custom progressive web apps offline page as part of the core. However, it’s much more user-friendly if your PWA continues to function even without an Internet connection — up to a certain point where the connection becomes necessary.

Complete Guide ToPWA: Definition, Technology, Examples

Even though the first meaningful paint loads very fast, this approach will require you to load the entire HTML every time a user switches pages. This can be a pain, especially when operating on a poor internet connection. Examples include elimination of app-install friction and decreasing web-to-app installs drop-offs. The company decided to invest in a Progressive Web App to deliver a fast and engaging mobile web experience for its users. Yes, PWA works offline, allowing the user to keep on browsing even without an internet connection. With any other web store, they would normally have to drop their purchase process.

progressive web apps examples

For instance, searching for specific jobs can be easily filtered according to skills, designation, department, industry, location and education. The app returns search results within seconds complete with all the details of each car rental. Buyers can search for cars based on body type, brand, price, special offers. Sellers, on the other hand, can ask for an evaluation of their car and Carsales will take care of the rest. Searching for a UK rental property market can be a headache without the right online tool. With OpenRent’s PWA, tenants and landlords can conveniently search for the right fit when it comes to available properties.

User Benefits of a PWA

For an online automobile marketplace on PWA, Carsales, one of the most popular destinations by car buyers in Australia offers a lot of convenience to its users. This is crucial for the site since OpenRent takes down listings as soon as they are let to avoid ghost ads that frustrate potential renters. Joppy’s PWA is clearly designed for both recruiter and applicant to make the application process more streamlined. Rentio’s PWA offers easy-to-navigate interface, fast search results, plenty of categories and fast response time. The result of this move led to higher readership rate and increased session time on the app. In addition, Dvorkin states that the more people stay longer on their app, the more they view ads, thanks to increased personalization that yields better engagement.

  • According to Google, in comparison to its old mobile site which was at 650 KB, the PWA’s 150 KB size was enough to impress its users.
  • Check out our recent blog if you are considering creating an App for your business.
  • The company chose to go the PWA way to Improve mobile customer experience and accelerate shoppers’ path to purchase.
  • One year after the website launch, Pinterest developed its native app on iOS, followed by the versions for other mobile platforms.
  • AliExpress is a world famous e-commerce business where you can find nearly everything from clothing, accessories, electronics, pet products to home appliances.

This separation of concerns makes it possible to develop the presentation layer using a variety of technologies including responsive web design. Spotify is a music streaming service that https://globalcloudteam.com/ offers new users the ability to listen to their favorite songs and albums on demand. The service also provides an ad-supported free listening tier and a premium subscription option.

Digital Services

Highly Engaging – It makes the engagement as well as re-engagement process quite smooth via feature like push notifications. Once the service worker is successfully installed, it converts to the activation phase. If there is an open page controlled by the previous service worker, the new service worker enters the waiting state.

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