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Joe Layton, I am the owner of Sentinel Creative Group. I have 17 years of
experience as a marketer and designer in many different roles. In those 17
years, I have run or been a critical player in five reputable companies' creative
and marketing efforts (Dixie State University Student Services, SymTec, Cole
West Home, Sentinel Creative, and Skoshe). During this time, I have earned an
excellent reputation for providing quality work and helping the companies
exceed their creative and marketing sales objectives. My experience has
equipped me with the knowledge and training needed to lead in a creative
environment. I have established and implemented company creative and
marketing strategies that will help promote and sell their products. When I
started with Cole West Home, they were the number 10 builder in Southern
Utah. Now they are in a tight race for number one builder in Southern Utah and
number four in the state as a one-person creative and marketing department.
At Cole West, I helped grow revenue from 20 million to 197 million in just over a
year and a half. After Cole West, I started Sentinel Creative Group; in only under
two years, Sentinel has grown into six different markets St. George, Las Vegas,
Salt Lake, Phoenix, San Diego, and Denver.

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